Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Your roses have been planted and nurtured and have exploded into full bloom. Now what? What about midsummer maintenance? Here are a few tips for keeping the blooms coming all summer long!!!

The main summer pest are thrips, spider mites and in the eastern and southern United States, Japanese beetles. Whatever spray you use for pest and disease control, alway...
s be sure to follow the directions on the label! This applies to organics as well as chemical sprays.

You can choose from granular, liquid, organic or slow release fertilizers, BUT keep in mind that roses prefer a fairly balanced fertilizer where the N-P-K ratios are pretty even (i.e. 15-15-15 or 5-10-5).

Roses like a good, deep soak to promote deep rooting and will actually develop drought tolerance if established this way. Watering slowly with soaker hoses or drip irrigation allows the water to soak in rather than run off, keeps water off the foliage, and reduces puddling.

Remember to keep your tools sharp, and clean them before storing, in order to prevent rust from developing.

Hope these tips were helpful for you all!!
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